Background Checks for Churches offers several packages for your convenience, but we can also create a custom package for your specific needs. All of these services are provided in real time through our secure web portal.

Substance abuse testing can be added to any package for as low as $38.


Basic Package $12.99

Social Security Number Trace & Address History Report
This report is critical in establishing positive identification on an applicant and can uncover hidden information. Social Security traces verify the applicant’s name, current address and previous addresses.

This is an exclusive product that searches the largest repositories of criminal records, including sex offender registries for the entire country. It also searches the known fugitive database, homeland security databases and
more than 600 million individual criminal records!

National Sex Offender Search
This report will check the National Sex Offender database and each state for all names revealed for the applicant.


Standard Package $18.99

Includes everything in the Basic Packages, plus…

Single County Criminal Search for Current County of Residence
A Single County Criminal Search can help you avert violence issues and lessen your liability. A typical check will show all convictions. It also reports arrests for felonies and serious misdemeanors in the county of your choice.


Extended Package $39.99

Includes everything in the Basic & Standard Packages, plus…

Multi-County SearchThis report does what a Single County search does but includes two previous counties of residence.


Education VerificationThis verifies educational background information including confirmation of attendance and degrees received.


Employment VerificationThis service assures the accuracy of the application, uncovers lies, omissions and exaggerations. Prior job performance information is also provided.



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Custom Packages
Create a custom package for your specific needs. Choose from the services listed above or from additional services that we offer, including Credit Bureau Reports, Driving Records, Workers Comp Reports, Drug Testing and more. Please contact us if you’re interested in creating a custom package.

Tips for a Safer Church

The ideal approach to recruiting volunteers should be as careful as the process used for adding any new staff. Volunteers frequently have a highly public role on behalf of a nonprofit corporation; they are the persons that individuals dealing with the nonprofit corporation see first and most often. You can manage several risks by effectively screening, evaluating and placing volunteers.

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