Going beyond the background check

October 5, 2018 Mike Barnhart Uncategorized

Employment verifications, education verifications and reference checks are likely the most time-consuming part of the background check process, but it can often be the most important. While checking for criminal records and testing for drug use are vital, verifying employment and education history to ensure a candidate is not misrepresenting his or her experience and credentials is paramount.

According to a report by Udemy, 26 percent of people under 40 admit to lying on their resume. It could be something as “harmless” as a title exaggeration, or someone could say they attained a degree they didn’t. The most common lies are about education, dates of employment and skills. Verifying that a candidate has completed a degree is important to make sure he or she is qualified for the position. Our specialized researchers at True Hire check that the degree was actually achieved and gradation date. We also confirm the school is a legitimate institution. Believe it or not, you can “buy” a degree online. In 2004, Trinity Southern University in Texas was sued for selling degrees among other charges. The company was caught when investigators purchased a bachelor’s degree for a cat named Colby Nolan for the going rate of $299.

As mentioned above, employment dates are also one of the most lied about items on a resume. Employment verifications at True Hire include dates of employment, ending title and, when available, performance information. True Hire takes a further step by contacting the supervisor to talk about the former employee’s performance. This will give you a better understanding of whether the person has the experience and the ability to perform the job he or she has applied for.

Professional and personal reference checks can give you even more insight into your applicant. Our specialized researchers contact your applicants’ professional references to get details about their previous work performance. On top of verifying that they worked together, we get vital details about the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, work ethic, duties and more. Personal references give details about the applicant’s character. True Hire staff interviews people the applicant knows personally, asking questions concerning how your candidate conducts him or herself on a personal level.

We can customize our questions to give you the specific insight you need to make hiring decisions. Reference checks are time-consuming and require dedicated follow-up. With True Hire taking care of them for you, you will be able to focus your time on more important tasks within your company.

If you would like more information about how True Hire can make your professional life easier, please contact us!

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